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Welcome to Mila Silver's world of jewellery.
Discover Mila Silver's jewelry design. Jewelery with clean lines and beautiful shapes that can be combined and varied over time.
Real silver jewelry that lasts a lifetime.
All jewelry is designed by Mila Silver and is made of 925 sterling silver with touches of 18k. gold and diamonds.

Vigsel & förlovningsringar

Upptäck Vigsel & förlovningsringar från Mila Silver.
Silverringar till henne och honom med eller utan diamanter. 
Upptäck våra set med matchande vigsel & förlovningsringar.

Personalized ring stacks

Explore our stylish ring stacks with rings that match each other perfectly!

Silver jewelery is timeless & durable

Silver is a beautiful and timeless precious metal that is durable in a number of aspects and an obvious choice in our jewelry making.

- Silver jewelery can be mended and polished if necessary.
- Silver can be melted down to become new jewelry.
Silver jewelery from Mila Silver has no alloy (surface treatment) that wears down.
What you see is what you get!
- The white and fresh shade of silver can be combined with other jewelry in gold and rose gold.
It makes silver jewelry useful for a long time.
- Silver is timeless and modern.

Create personal combinations
We love when our customers find new ways to combine our jewelry!
Since the beginning, precisely combinations of rings have been a basis in Mila Silver's jewelery design.
Combining jewelery not only creates unique and personal looks, it also gives the jewelery a long life.

Order home and try
Jewelery should fit well and feel good.
That's why we offer 30 days of open purchase so that you can try on your new jewelery at home in peace and quiet.

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Regarding care advice for silver jewellery, we refer to our guide Care advice.

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