VENUS Charm silver + diamonds

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Silver charm with diamonds | Venus | Mila Silver

A beautiful silver charm with the female symbol Venus adorned with diamonds.

The charm has 14 diamonds. 0.07 ct total.
Create a timeless diamond necklace with the charms on a silver chain of any length.
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The diamonds for the letters are guaranteed conflict-free and approved according to EU regulations 2368-2002.
Conflict-free diamonds mean that they are controlled according to a special set of regulations called the Kimberley Process. It counters the illegal trade in rough diamonds that can finance war and human harm.

Venus - the goddess of love and beauty

The astronomical symbol for the planet Venus is used internationally as a symbol for females. The planet is named after the Roman goddess of love of the same name.
According to the myth, Venus was born from the foam of the sea. Her counterpart in Greek mythology is Aphrodite.

Dimensions & details

- Dimensions of the charm (excl. loop): 11*5 mm
- Total 0.07 ct. conflict-free diamonds
- 925 sterling silver

Design Mila Silver

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    The jewelry that is delivered is, if possible, even finer than expected.
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    Thanks for the quick feedback! Also want to say that I love your jewelry! So incredibly beautiful and unique!
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    Satisfied customer today A thousand thousand thanks .... Now the bracelet is on my arm and I am so satisfied and happy. It's really so nice.
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