Bred silverkedja med ovala länkar och lås.
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MEGA CHUNKY Round Chain halsband - Mila Silver
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Mila Silver

MEGA CHUNKY Chain necklace, 14 mm

5 500 kr
en hand som håller i en grov silverkedja med Ankar-länkar.
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Stora silverkulor som är länkade till ett halsband.
SILVER PEARL Armband, silver - Mila Silver
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Mila Silver

SILVER PEARL Bracelet, silver

1 200 kr
SILVER PEARL Halsband, silver - Mila Silver
Halsband med ett band av silverkulor kombinerat med silverkedjor.
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Mila Silver

SILVER PEARL Necklace, silver

1 900 kr
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Mila Silver

POPCORN CHAIN, Bracelet silver

890 kr

Craftsmanship of the highest quality

Our Chunky Chains are handmade in Italy. Italy has been a world leader in the manufacture of precious metal chains for decades.
Craftsmanship of the highest quality using traditional methods.
What distinguishes a chain

Our chains in this category are handmade in Italy. You can see that the craftsmanship is rooted in long experience. The links and locks are of the highest quality.

The friendly power link

It is not always so easy to describe jewelery in words. You want to see, feel and try.
Since our new Mega Chunky is so beautiful, as the queen of all silver chains, I will do my best to give you as fair a picture of this piece of jewelry as possible. According to me. Silver lovers and jewelry designers.

High quality? Yes, it shows!
(Handmade by world leading chain manufacturers)
Heavy to carry? No.
Real silver? Yes

When should I wear it?
- Always if you are a chain lover.
- Days when you have or wish you had power! Jewelery has that ability - to create conditions and give energy. Fake or real.
- Days that start with "I have nothing to wear".
Put on what you wore yesterday. But don't forget the Mega Chunky chain! Ready to embrace the day.

90 grams / 52 grams of silver

The links in the Mega Chunky necklace & bracelet are made of pipe. The tube is silver but they have an air gap in them. This means that the jewelery is not too heavy to carry. Despite the solid weight of 90 grams and 52 grams of silver respectively.

Oval links with round profile

Jewelry should be comfortable against the skin and you should not walk around thinking about the jewelry. Both the Mega Chunky necklace and bracelet are comfortable and feel kind to the skin.

/ Mila Silver