Smal silverring med kulor.
Ring I silver med silverkulor som är integrerade i ringen.

Mila Silver

JUPITER silver ring

690 kr
Stelt silverarmband med matchande ring.
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Mila Silver

JUPITER Bangle silver

1 090 kr

Thoughts behind the design

Jupiter symbolizes permanence and eternity. The balls float like planets in a fixed orbit.
Perhaps jewelry from Jupiter gives you a sense of calm and security.

The Juiter Collection has been in Mila Silver's range for many seasons. The ring is a popular and very comfortable silver ring that is just as nice to wear alone as it is in a ring stack.
Because the balls are integrated into the rail in both the bracelet and the ring, air is created between the jewelry and the skin.
Comfortable silver jewelry that you will want to wear every day.

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