Ring combinations

Ring stacking - fun & sustainable

Do you love variety and want to wear your rings for a long time? Then a combination of rings, known as a ring stack, might be just for you. Mixing and matching rings is both enjoyable and sustainable. A personalized ring combination lasts a long time and can easily be refreshed with new rings.

When you purchase a ring stack from Mila Silver, you receive a set of rings that complement each other perfectly. You can also wear the rings individually and create new combinations.
Perhaps you have a ring at home that you think could go well with the set - a diamond ring or an heirloom that holds special meaning for you.
It's this personal touch that makes your ring stack beautiful and meaningful to you!

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Find the right size

The size you should choose depends on the width, thickness, and the number of rings in the stack.
A wider ring stack may require a larger size.
For a narrower ring stack, you can often wear your regular size.
The more rings the combination consists of, the tighter it will feel.
If you find yourself in between two of our sizes and the combination is wide or contains multiple rings, you probably should choose the larger size.
We provide information in the product description if you need to size up or down for a specific ring stack.

Fit and feel for a ring stack

Wide or narrow ring stack
Do you prefer a bold and wide ring stack, or do you lean towards multiple slender rings in a combination?
Read through the product description and check the total width.
Measure your finger and try to visualize how it will look.

Just the right fit
Our general advice regarding ring fit is that they should slide on and off with a little resistance over the knuckle.
Once in place, the rings should sit a bit loosely. You shouldn't lose the rings when you shake your hand. At the same time, it's important for some air to circulate beneath the rings to prevent moisture build-up on the skin.

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Sterling silver, of course!

All ring stacks from Mila Silver are made of genuine silver - 925 sterling silver.
Silver is a durable precious metal suitable for everyday wear, lasting a lifetime.
Wear your silver rings in your daily activities to keep them bright and shiny.
You can shower, exercise, and swim with your silver rings on.
When not wearing your ring stack, store the rings separately to prevent them from scratching against each other. Use the box or separate jewelry pouches they came in.
Add a silver jewelry polishing cloth to your purchase HERE.

A ring stack - the starting point for Mila Silver

Three silver rings in a combination were the very first design that Mila Silver's designer and founder Maria Laakso created over 15 years ago. Today, the range of ring stacks is well-established and continuously evolving.

All ring combinations from Mila Silver are carefully curated so that the rings complement each other and enhance the overall look. The rings can also be worn separately, allowing you to vary your ring style.

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