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Silver rings for your wedding & engagement

Silver is the most beautiful precious metal. It is white, fresh, modern and timeless. In addition, silver is a durable precious metal that lasts a lifetime.
If you choose silver rings for your engagement or wedding, you can match and combine them with your other silver rings and silver jewelry that you wear in everyday life.
Silver rings with diamonds are a very nice combination that we really recommend!

Therefore, you can choose wedding & engagement rings in silver

Do you love silver but are unsure whether you can choose silver rings for your wedding or engagement? We help you and list our main advantages of silver.

  • 925 silver is a durable precious metal that lasts a lifetime. Therefore, silver rings are very suitable as wedding and engagement rings.
  • Silver is one of the best precious metals for daily use - it stays white and fresh best when used!
  • Wedding & engagement rings from Mila silver have no alloy that wears away. The silver is in its natural form and can therefore be easily polished if necessary.
  • Silver rings are both modern and timeless. The silver has a fresh white tone that suits many.
  • An engagement ring and wedding ring in silver is significantly more affordable than a ring in gold. Perhaps you would rather invest in a ring with a larger diamond instead of paying for the metal of the ring?
  • If you choose wedding and engagement rings in silver, you can match them with your silver jewelry that you wear in everyday life.
  • If you choose a wedding or engagement ring in silver with diamonds, you will get a very beautiful ring. The white shade of the silver highlights the whiteness and luster of the diamond.

Swedish Design & Manufacturing

Our wedding and engagement are crafted in Sweden by skilled and experienced jewelers.
Wedding and engagement rings from Mila Silver are sleek, timeless, and modern. They feature clean lines with touches of classic white diamonds and elegant black diamonds.
The diamonds we use are lab-grown or certified natural diamonds. Read more facts about the diamonds under each respective ring.

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Design according to your wishes

Do you have your own wishes or want to design your wedding & engagement rings from scratch.
We are happy to help you during this fun process!

There is a lot to think about when choosing and wedding and engagement rings.
Material, width, thickness, choice of stones, budget etc.

Together with you, we can produce proposals, designs and sketches.
We manufacture the rings in Sweden in collaboration with skilled and experienced goldsmiths.

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SET FÖRLOVNINGSRINGAR silver, breda - Mila Silver

Engraving of engagement rings

Make your rings personal. We engrave rings purchased from us.
Our advice is that you order the rings home without engraving to try out the right size.
When you have found the right size, you send the rings back and order the engraving afterwards.
Various fonts and symbols can be found in the link below.

Find the right size for your wedding and engagement rings

- Measure an existing ring you have at home
Measure with a ruler or measuring tape the inside diameter in mm.
Measure from edge to edge of the ring, taking in the metal. Compare with the size chart in our Ring Size Guide .

- Measure the circumference of your finger
Take a piece of string or thread and measure the circumference around your finger.
Remember that the thread should sit comfortably around the finger, not too tight and not too loose.
Where the ends meet, cut off and measure on a ruler. The measurement you get in mm is the circumference.
Compare with the size chart in the Ring Size Guide .

- Buy a ring gauge
You put the measuring tape on your finger, tighten and read your size in the small magnifying glass.
Be careful not to tighten too much. The ring measurement should fit like a ring that fits. You should be able to pull it on and off with some resistance.

- Consult a jeweler
If you are unsure of your ring size or find it difficult to measure yourself, visit a jeweller. They have the experience and equipment to find out your exact ring size.

If you are going to propose...
you probably don't want to reveal yourself by asking about your partner's ring size.
One method is to measure a ring your partner has at home that you know fits their ring finger.
Measure the inside diameter of the ring (do not include the metal). You will then receive a measurement in mm that you can compare with the table in our size guide .


Our silver rings without diamonds are in stock. Order one or a few different sizes for testing. You can then return with free returns and order any engraving.


Mila Silver's diamond rings are made to order.
In the product description of each ring, we recommend smooth silver rings that you can order at home to try out the right size. Order a few different sizes if you are unsure. Return with free returns to then order the diamond ring.
You can also order home a ring measurement or measure a ring you have at home that fits the right ring finger.

For more advice regarding the choice of ring size - ReadSize guide for rings .

Our diamonds

Wedding and engagement rings from Mila Silver are set with lab-grown diamonds or natural diamonds. Here we explain what is the difference between these types of diamonds and whether a lab-grown diamond is a real diamond.

Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds that are produced in an ethical and sustainable way.
A lab-grown diamond is produced by recreating the natural formation of a diamond. A fragment of a natural diamond is used which is then subjected to pressure and high heat. This process is significantly shorter (weeks) and can be done anywhere in the world with few people involved. The result is a traceable and conflict-free diamond with minimal impact on the environment.
A lab-grown diamond has the same physical, chemical and optical character as a natural diamond. You cannot tell the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a natural diamond with the naked eye. The appearance, luster and quality are identical.

What does TWVS mean?

Our lab-grown diamond wedding and engagement rings are set with diamonds graded TWVS.
TW / Top Wesselton is a rare white diamond.
This designation is awarded especially to white diamonds and ranks at the top of the international GIA scale. The only diamond that is whiter is River.
VS (Very small inclusions) is the term for the quality of the diamond.
VS is almost flawless and has very small inclusions, only visible at 10x magnification to an experienced viewer.

Natural diamonds

The natural diamonds used in our wedding and engagement rings are conflict-free, approved and certified. The diamonds are approved according to EU regulations 2368-2002.
We guarantee that our stones are not so-called conflict diamonds according to the Kimberley Process.

Natural diamonds are formed deep in the bedrock (160-200 km below the earth's surface) by compressing coal under high pressure and high heat. This process takes many millions of years.
The lava flow slowly pushes the diamond up towards the earth's surface.
The diamonds are dug up in countries such as Botswana, Canada and Russia and then cut and polished in Antwerp or India.

Black diamonds

Black diamonds are the most popular and growing colored diamond.
Are black diamonds real?
Yes. There are natural black diamonds (extremely rare and precious) and treated black diamonds. These diamonds are natural diamonds that are irradiated to get their dark color.
Natural diamonds that have many inclusions and are gray in color are often chosen for treatment.
Treated black diamonds are most common and are used in Mila Silver's wedding and engagement rings.
Even our diamond rings with black diamonds are certified and conflict-free and approved according to EU regulations 2368-2002.

/ Mila Silver

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