Personalize your silver bracelet!
We carry out internal engraving of bracelets bought at Mila Silver.
Engrave a date, a greeting, a message... only the imagination sets limits.
An engraved silver bracelet is a memory for life and a nice gift to give away.

Below we list which bracelets from Mila Silver can be engraved.
Our solid silver bracelets are best suited for engraving as internal engraving is done on a smooth silver surface.

How long text can be engraved in a bracelet?

When it comes to bracelet engraving, there are some limitations.
Since the engraving ends up on the inside, in the middle of the bracelet, the text cannot be as long as you like.
A name and a date fit on one line. A longer text is added in two lines if there is space.

Feel free to consult us if you are unsure whether your text will fit. | 0705-347316

Try the bracelet before engraving

Order the bracelet without engraving to try it on.
Return the bracelet with the prepaid return shipping slip and state on the return form that you want the bracelet engraved.
Buy for the engraving online and refer to the return.

Order new bracelet + engraving

Do you want to order the bracelet and have it engraved immediately?
Make the purchase of the bracelet and the purchase of the engraving .
We deliver the bracelet when it is engraved and ready.
Please note that an engraved bracelet cannot be exchanged or returned.

Typeface engraving

Get your text engraved in these different fonts.
If you want to add a symbol - see the symbol image in the article Internal engraving .
Font, possibly You indicate the symbol and text to be engraved at checkout.