New silver necklace - find the right length

The length you should choose for your new silver necklace depends on... Will you wear the necklace in everyday life, with what attire, and what length and body type do you have?

Before buying a new silver necklace online, it can be helpful to get an idea of which length suits you best.
Use a string or ribbon to see where it falls on your body. Lay out the string and measure it with a ruler. You can also measure a necklace you already have.

How to measure a necklace

Lay the necklace flat on a surface. Measure from the loop to the clasp using a ruler or measuring tape.
Alternatively, you can measure it folded in half and double the measurement you get.

Below, we present different lengths that Mila Silvers' necklaces come in. Several of Mila Silvers' silver necklaces have optional lengths or extra loops for adjustable sizing.

Lengths for necklaces and chains.

Short silver necklaces 40/45 cm (15,7 / 17,7 Inch)

The lengths 15.75 - 17.72 inches are considered short necklaces.
A 15.75-inch necklace typically rests just above the collarbone.
If you have a small pendant on the necklace, it will sit in the hollow of your throat.
A 15.75-inch necklace is often visible even if you're wearing a high neckline.
17.72 inches, which is the most common length for a short necklace, sits a bit below the hollow of the throat.

Medium necklaces 50/60 cm (19,7 - 23,6 Inch)

A medium-length necklace looks lovely if you have a neckline or wear the necklace over a shirt or jumper. This length also suits those who are tall or have a more robust body type.

Silverhalsband med en stor silverknut i lång silverkedja. Kombinerat med en kortare kedja.

Long necklaces 70/80 cm (27,6 - 31,5 Inch)

Necklaces with long chains often feature a larger pendant, which provides some weight. Necklaces of this length with clasps can be wrapped twice and worn as a choker necklace.

Several of Mila Silvers' necklaces have adjustable lengths that you can customize to match your outfit.